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Physician Liaison Basics

When marketing Primary Care Physicians and Practices marketing to the public is essential. Today’s healthcare consumer is most easily reached via social media and online marketing. The question becomes then, how you leverage your social media accounts to get the most engagement?

There are lists where reporters and writers are looking for quotes. These items can then be posted in your social media feed to give you fresh content. Often newspapers, TV stations, etc. are looking for medical content to place in their media source. I have had entire articles published in local papers as well as had physicians interviewed on specific health topics (Breast Cancer and the Flu for example). Being included in these were free, which is crucial when handling marketing on a shoestring budget. When we had these items published, we were able to link it to our social media and gained exponentially more engagement that we had from our previous “canned” posts.

Speaking at community events are also a good way to market the physician. Reach out to your Chamber of Commerce. Often, they have events like health fairs, talks at senior centers etc. that your physicians can present at. Follow community led Facebook groups. I have often had the ability to engage directly with the public there and recommend my provider. This will also help you see any community events that you can take part in.

Another key tool for boosting your marketing for primary care marketing is making sure you have a way for patients to make appointments online. This call to action makes all the difference. Have the link shown on the screen during TV interviews, have it listed at the end of an article, have it included in your social media post. Basically, have it everywhere. Increased, brand awareness and patient accessibility are always a marketing win.

Specialty Physician marketing is a little different. This marketing needs to focus less on direct to consumer marketing and more on physician to physician marketing. Having a Physician Liaison like myself in the field is critical. The Liaison needs to have a regular call schedule where they call on key medical providers in your area to make sure that you are meeting their expectations. This Liaison also needs access to claims data. This can be sourced from companies like SG2 or Business Objects. This data is gathered from Private Payers and helps the liaison see trends in the geographic area you serve. The Liaison can then see, based off of the referring provider information, where they need to target their efforts.

Your specialty physician needs to be seen as an expert in their field. This will help drive referrals to your practice. I have accomplished this by hosting events. You can have a Men’s health event targeting primary care referrers. Gather physicians from your group to have a panel discussion about prostate cancer for example. You will also do well with these events if you can partner with a hospital and offer CME credits as well. You can host an open house at your facility if you have new equipment and invite referring providers. The list is endless. Inviting the providers you want to target is a good way to help develop those relationships.

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