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Marketing Resources

I provide comprehensive, personalized service to my clients. See below for examples of marketing resources I can create for you.

Persona - Dr. Busy.jpg

Marketing Personas

Here is an example of a marketing persona I can create for you. Perhaps you find yourself in the Dr. Busy example to the left.

Empathy Map for Website.pptx.jpg

Empathy Map

Expanding on the marketing persona above, an empathy map can help you to further explore and define your target audience.

Physician SWOT.jpg


Every great marketing strategy begins with a SWOT analysis. A SWOT will help you to see what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that you can plan accordingly.

Five Forces Model Template for Website.j

Five Forces Model

A five forces model allow you to look at your industry and measure the impact of competition, intensity, attractiveness, and productivity as it relates to your business.

KMontgomery_StrategyCanvas (1) (1).pptx.

As-Is To-Be Canvas

An As-Is To-Be canvas helps you to look at where you stand with your industry and competition. In this case, I have compared myself to other Physician Liaisons in the industry.

Customer Journey Map and Strategic Bottl

Customer/Patient Journey Map

This tools helps a company realize the touchpoints that the consumer faces. In this case, we looked at Jo who is experiencing a Telehealth visit for the first time.

Strategic Bottle neck.jpg

Strategic Bottleneck Analysis

A Strategic Bottleneck will show those factors that can become a stumbling block for your company.

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